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  • The Italian government is offering several incentives to boost its economy, including towns and villages selling abandoned houses for 1 € in exchange for a commitment to renovate. For people who already own properties in Italy, the Revenue Agency offers a 110% tax deduction, called a Superbonus, for renovations that improve energy efficiency or seismic safety.

  • Ceiling fans are a big part of everyday life in tropical regions like India. Even in spaces where air conditioners are present, keeping the ceiling fans on can enhance the cooling effect. Energy consumption of a ceiling fan may not seem to be much compared to the humming AC compressor, but running it for long hours can add up to a significant electricity bill.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has offered a Fall 2021 ENERGY STAR® Products Webinar Series in place of the in-person 2021 ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting that was canceled because of concerns with COVID-19. To kick off the series, the EPA gave a high-level overview of the ENERGY STAR program and discussed national efficiency trends and policy drivers while providing updates on program specifications and promotions.

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